1/18 Parts Wheels

Here I will be listing 1/18 scale Wheels and Tires from cars like Ertl American Muscle, Highway 61, Sun Star, Yat Ming, GMP and other. These can be from damaged cars, Cars I robbed parts from,  after market parts made by other companies or resin cast parts that I do myself. 

If you need a part that you don't see here, feel free to send me a note of what you are looking for. Please include as much information as you can about the item. 

The use of these parts will be entirely up to you. We can not be held responsible for any damage to your models or bodily harm you may incur while using the items. 

Click on the "Wheel Guide" to see a few hundred photos of 1/18 tires and wheels with detail info and sizes. I'm also working on an "Engine Guide" see link below.  

The "Model Car Magazine Forum" link below is a great place to hang out and get model building tips.  

Happy Modding!


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Please note we are no longer shipping 1/18 model cars or parts outside the contiguous United States. 

Tire Acme 5 Spoke Mag Wheel Set 1/18
GMP / Acme Stk# 1800112W Chevy C-10 pickup Wheel Set.  This set includes four Mag wheels and tires. These have bright chrome rims. Front Wheels: Dia:  1.43 Width: .48 Hole Dia: Mounting: Press On  Both t ... (Read More)
$0.00 1
Tire Acme Keystone Drag Wheel and Tire Set 1/18 72
Acme Stk# 1806118w  Drag Wheel and Tire Set of Keystone mags.  You will receive a never opened set.  Mounting: Snap On  Frt: Hoosier Tires Dia: 1.49 W:  .41 Hole: .220 Rear: M/T Slicks Tires Dia: ... (Read More)
$34.00 1
Tire GMP / Acme 33 Willys Gasser Wheel Set 1/18
GMP / Acme Stk# 1800907W Gasser Wheel Set.  This set includes Two Mag wheels with slicks and Two mag wheels with skinnies.  Front Wheels: Dia:1.30 Width: .31 Hole Dia:   Mounting: Press On  Rear Wheels  ... (Read More)
$34.00 1
Tire GMP / Acme Drag Wheel Set 1/18 67 Fairlane 18
GMP Stk# 18856 Drag Wheel Set From 67 Fairlane. This set includes Two Steel wheels with slicks and Two mag wheels with skinnies.  Mounting: Press On  Frt Dia: 1.42 W:  .33 Hole: .164 Rear Dia: 1.6 ... (Read More)
$24.00 1
Tire GMP Acme Hot Rod Kidney Bean Wheel Set 1/18
GMP/Acme  Stk# 1805012 Kidney Bean Hot Rod Wheel Set. This set includes Two Steel wheels with Cheater pie-crust slicks and Two mag wheels with skinnies.  One set of Buick style brake drums for front.  Mounting: Press On  Frt ... (Read More)
$14.95 1
Tire GMP Tire Set 1/18 Mopar Rally Mags
GMP Stk# 18861w  Tire Set of Mopar Rally wheels with F60-15 Goodyear tires. .  You will receive a never opened set.   
$12.95 1
Tire Mustang 1970 Magnum 500 style Mag Wheel Set
Highway 61 1970 Ford Mustang Wheel set with Goodyear White Letter tires. These are take offs so there may be some pry marks on the back side. Sometimes the back plate may need to be glued back on. They are normally not seen once on the car. ... (Read More)
$0.00 1
X Misc Parts for
Parts that have been asked for.  Here I will post the amount so you can purchase them through the check out process.  Thank You.
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