Archived 1/18 Chevy Nova Diecast Model Cars

The items listed here have sold out and remain here for reference only. 

This Page will include Chevrolet Nova cars. They will include die-cast made by Ertl, American Muscle, Highway 61, Lane Exact Detail, GMP, Yat Ming, Sun Star and More.

Thank You, Enjoy

1966 Nova Pro Stock Ertl .... Limited Edition
Ertl American Muscle Stk# 33135, 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Stock in 1/18 (10 in long) die-cast metal.Special color edition 1 of 2500.  Detailed Engine and Chassis, Opening hood, trunk and doors. Dark Grey with black interior Dated 2002 ... (Read More)
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1968 Chevy Nova SS-350 GMP Red
Georgia Marketing Stk# 8024-1 1968 Chevy Nova SS 350.  Opening hood with detailed engine. Supercar Collectibles Edition, Limited Edition 214 of 467 made. NOTE: This serial number matches the 1970 Nova Yenko listed below.  New in bo ... (Read More)
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1969 Chevy Baldwin Motion Nova
Ertl American Muscle Stk# 32807 1969 Baldwin Motion Chevy Nova. Torque Trust mags ansdside pipes. Limited Edition 1-2500. Opening hood and doors.  New in box, Never Opened. Age Limit: 8+ Color: White -Bla ... (Read More)
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1969 Chevy Nova Yenko 1/250 Black Chrome
Ertl American Muscle Stk# 29412PB 1969 Chevrolet Yenko Nova with opening hood and doors. Issue #1 in the Supercar Collectibles Street & Strip series.   Limited Edition 1 of 250 Black Chrome cars made.  The regular limited edition is Fatho ... (Read More)
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1969 Chevy Yenko Nova 427
Ertl American Muscle Stk# 29412 1969 Yenko Chevy Nova.  Limited Edition Issue 1 in the Supercar Collectibles Yenko Street / Strip Series.. Opening hood and doors. Includes a complete set of Rally Wheels and tires. New in box, Opened o ... (Read More)
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1970 Chevy Nova COPO GMP Orange
Georgia Marketing Stk# 8023-1 1970 Chevy COPO Nova.  Opening hood with detailed engine. Limited Edition 047 of 700 made  New in box, Opened only for photos.   Super Clean box, including the white outer box. Age Limi ... (Read More)
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1970 Chevy Nova LT/1 Yenko Deuce GMP Orange
Georgia Marketing Stk# 8121-1 1970 Chevy Yenko Deuce Nova.  Opening hood with detailed engine. Supercar Collectibles Edition, Limited Edition 214 of 600 made. NOTE: This serial number matches the 1968 Nova SS-350 listed above.  ... (Read More)
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1972 Chevy Nova Old Pro Drag Car, Ertl
Ertl American Muscle Stk# 39277 1972 Chevy Nova. Old Pro drag car with Cagar mags. Opening hood and doors.  New in box, Opened only for photos.  Age Limit: 8+ Color: Black Engine: 350 ... (Read More)
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