Archived Deutz - Allis Farm Toys

The items listed here have sold out and remain here for reference only.


This Page will include farm toys of Deutz Allis, D/C. They will include tractors and implements made by Ertl, JLE Scale Models and Spec Cast. All are 1/16 scale and New in Box unless noted.


Thank You, Enjoy

Deutz Allis Green Tillage Plow
Ertl Tool Bar 3 point Tillage plow. Mounts on regular Ertl hitch and operates up and down with the 3 point made on the plow. Measures 16 in wide as a 7 row plow.   Diecast bar and hitch with plastic plow parts.   Like new, only ... (Read More)
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Deutz-Allis 6240 FWA Tractor
Ertl Stk # 1269 Deutz - Allis 6240 FWA Tractor in 1/16 scale (9-1/2 in long ) die-cast with rubber tires.  Dated 1986. Made in USA. New in Box.     ... (Read More)
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Deutz-Allis 8010 FWA Tractor Coll.Ed.
Ertl Stk # 1251 Deutz - Allis 8010 Tractor FWA in 1/16 scale (11 in long ) die-cast. 1985 Collector Series with inscription "DEUTZ-ALLIS 1985" on frame. Made in USA. New in Box.
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Deutz-Allis 9150 FWA Tractor Green
Ertl Stk # 1280NA Deutz - Allis 9150 Tractor FWA in 1/16 scale (11 in long ) die-cast. 1988 Collector Series with inscription "1988 ORLANDO 9100 SERIES SPECIAL EDITION" on frame.  Made in USA. New i ... (Read More)
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