Archived First Gear Trucks

The items listed here have sold out and remain here for reference only.

This page will include Die-cast 1/34 and 1/25 scale trucks of Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Mack, White, International and more. They were made by 1st Gear.

Chicago EMS International Rescue Truck
1st Gear EMS Ambulance Truck First Gear Stk# 19-3216 International 4400 series Chicago Fire Department EMS Rescue Truck. Detailed 1/34 scale (8-1/2 in) die-cast. A Very Limited Edition of only 728 made in 2004. New in Clean Box, Op ... (Read More)
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City of Chicago Freightliner Refuse Truck
First Gear Stk# 19-3320 Freightliner M-2 with Rear Load, City of Chicago Garbage Truck. Detailed 1/34 scale (13 in long) die-cast. A Very Limited Edition made in 2004. Includes two Garbage cans.  Hardest of all the Chicago Garbage trucks ... (Read More)
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Mack L Model Tollway & Tunnel Wrecker
1st Gear Stk# 19-3202, Mack L Model Tollway & Tunnel Tow Truck. Die-cast metal Truck with rubber tires and nicely detailed. All lettering is pad painted not stickers.  Made in 2004 and is 1/34 scale (9-1/2 in long). Comes with Mirrors and ho ... (Read More)
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Oshkosh Front Discharge Cement Mixer
First Gear Stk# 19-2864 Oshkosh Front Discharge Cement Mixer Truck. Detailed 1/34 scale die-cast. A Very Limited Edition, 1 of 724 made in 2002.    New in Clean Box, Opened only for Photos. Still has all factory packing as shown. I ... (Read More)
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